Cast Stone Systems
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About Cast Stone Systems, Inc.

Cast Stone Systems, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of cast stone and architectural pre cast concrete building elements. We are located in Warrenton, North Carolina, north of Raleigh and south of Richmond, Virginia. We have easy access to both Interstate 85 and 95 and we ship our products across the country.

Cast Stone Systems, Inc. was founded in 1998 and its president Ted Echols has over fifteen years of cast stone manufacturing experience and currently serves on the board of directors of the Cast Stone Institute. Our focus is to push our business ahead using both old and new technologies to produce the best products available anywhere, at a reasonable price and on schedule.

Plant and Facilities

Cast Stone Systems, Inc. has the production capacity to handle any project. Below are photos that show some of our production areas. We have sufficient outdoor asphalt storage to store 15-20 tractor trailers of product. The photo at bottom left shows our steam curing area which produces an environment that produces the highest possible quality product. See the gallery!